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Claire Finotti

The artist Claire Finotti made the female body the primary subject of her work. For the artist, the woman is at the heart of artistic expression as a timeless medium for the idea of beauty, since prehistoric effigies of Venus. She sublimates her characters through pictorial work and operates a "reincarnation" of the soul in the very material of the painting, using drawing. Here, shape and colour join with one another and fuse into the artistic language.

Claire Finotti paints and draws the body in order to transcend the image and physical presence. Using live models, the artist develops speed in her execution and feeds the need for urgency with great pleasure. In this immediacy the almost carnal contact between the paper and her hands make the moment of creation and its process into a flash, which she then goes about capturing and transcribing onto her canvas.

She says, "It is by using every part of your hands that you shape your work". Using the body as an instrument the artist draws lines, dilutes material, stretches colour. Her imagination mixes inks and pigments, acrylic, chalk, and pastels. The waltz of her emotions and gestures is impulsive, expressive, alive and embodies the energy of Being, that of the artist and that of the subject.