Elisa Godefroid

Elisa Godefroid’s desire to create was born in Normandy, like the artist herself, marked forever by these first visual traces. Dieppe, Le Havre, the quays along the Seine in Rouen, the green plains of the Pays de Caux, the pebble beaches and the coastal cliffs stimulated and sharpened her eye.

Later passionate about architecture and art, the artist developed her sensitivity and nurtured an interest in contemporary, minimalist, simple and refined aesthetics. Iron and aluminium, the geometry of the 1930s, the stiffness of industrial buildings and port areas make up key criteria of balance and harmony for Elisa. Fascinated by landscapes with bleak allures, the artist begins by superimposing layers, multiplying perceptions and emotions. With her acrylic paint, she often adds a coating to give material and relief to her creation. Her extensive palette allows her to vary the backgrounds: clear, subtle, lively, bright…

Miniatures reserved for large assumed formats, Elisa Godefroid takes into account in her compositions the poetic grey and moving to a different region to that of her childhood, “where the sea is bronze and the clouds are opaque”, she confides. An abstract world, a suspended atmosphere, which is represented in her canvases by different levels of expression, shades that transform and confrontations that surprise.