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Alain Maupuy

A master drawer from a very young age, Alain Maupuy turned to studies in architecture. However, his taste for painting would come only a bit later and he decided to dedicate himself entirely to this new passion, beginning his studies again aged thirty-four. The five years he spent at the Decorative Arts in Geneva allowed him to perfect his technique and to take part in his first exhibitions. He initially produced figurative and classical works, but studying cubist painters (Delaunay, Braque, Picasso…) and 20th century abstract painting (De Stael, Zao Wou Ki, Vieira Da Silva…) encouraged him to make a definitive change, thus choosing to represent the world “in a different way”.

For twenty years, away from temporary trends, he has been on the lookout for beauty and pure emotion. To do this, he has developed his own pictorial gesture: he gave up using a knife but remains loyal to oil painting, which he uses with more nimbleness, seeking out transparencies. For him, every work is a new adventure, a miraculous moment when the artist’s will has to make do with chance, when technique has to be able to give way to sincerity. Abstraction and figuration are just a point of departure and the construction, forms and above all colours, which he works with subtlety, become the elements of an entirely different language. Without a message or symbols, his radiant and authentic works move us deeply. They are a doorway to another world, an invitation to travel within.

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  • Alain Maupuy
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