David Fleming

David Fleming's compositions flirt almost with Surrealism. Considering nature and the outside world as his true working atelier, the artist paints on location, out in the open, "the moment by moment" in his own words. He sometimes uses photographs or preliminary sketches, to make his oil paintings and mixes the real with his overflowing imagination.

Beauty is the artist's primary quest. For him it is the power and the fragility of existence, this unbelievable contradiction at work in man and in nature: "My art talks about the beauty that I see and feel. What the visitor experiences in my work in the power and fragility of the spectre of existence; life, death, creation and the in-between."

David Fleming is drawn to the desert and infinite landscapes of America and attempts to capture their singularity, and thus he paints a wild and explosive nature. Elevated, scene from the sky or from the wind, his works deliver the ephemeral moment, a bird's eye view, leaves falling to the ground, hair caught in the whirls of a breeze. During his travels around the world, the artist has collected memories and emotions, and puts together what he calls a new memory that is inevitable, powerful and that engraves in the painting a moment that is forever lost. From Budapest to Yellowstone Park or from Paris to Arizona, David Fleming's outdoor atelier is a place for mobile creation, infinitely moveable and almost immortal.