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Gilles Candele

Gilles was 16 when he discovered his passion for drawing and painting. Instinctively he began creating and became interested in art. His family did not encourage him to follow a career in art, and encouraged him to follow in the footsteps of his brother who was a Gendarme.
He carried out this profession for several years until his love of art prevailed and he became the manager of the Louis Carré in Paris. Gilles took pleasure in organizing the exhibitions, exchanging ideas with the artists and promoting art.
Meanwhile, he never stopped painting and taught himself. He tried different techniques before turning to oils, appreciating the reliefs and volumes that this medium allows him.
Depending on the background he is using, Gilles varies the tools with which he works. The knife is better suited to the flexibility of the canvas, while he uses a brush on harder surfaces.
His passion for Brittany is an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Gilles paints seascapes. The light, the colours and the movement are transcribed by frank and direct strokes.
Cities also inspire him and his representation of urban landscapes. He pays particular attention to the moments of calm that sneak into the tumult (pedestrian zones). In this self-taught way, Gilles has kept an essential artistic landmark: the painter Maurice de Vlaminck (nineteenth and twentieth centuries). Treatment of the medium in relief and the power of his strokes are keys to his artistic life.
A painter at heart, he seeks to pass on some of the calm that these landscapes bring him. Reproducing the beauty of nature remains a main objective for Gilles.
Since 2004, he has ceaselessly exhibited in numerous regional art fairs where each year he is regularly awarded prizes.