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Thierry Courmes

Painting plays an integral role in Thierry Courmes’ everyday, family and cultural life, as well as in his upbringing. To invent and then give meaning to a unique world is an experience that the artist has always done and experimented with. It was his grandfather, the painter Alfred Courmes, who whet his appetite for drawing and colours from a very young age.
Driven today by his approach, his influences and the proximity of their relation, Thierry Courmes has recently been developing, through his painting, a reflection on the world that surrounds us, the world in which we live and the expression of our sensations and our emotions are at the heart of this dynamic bubble. In minimalist design, the artist’s strokes form an oval that forms a face, a back, a long neck, slim and graceful limbs, and powerful hands which express, reach out, and embrace.
The idea here for the artist is to surpass the unique, the ‘anecdote’, he says, to erect a kind of generic humanness, a universal character, a surface of projection for all, a reassuring alter ego - confident, a role model. Plunged into a range of possible contexts and situations, and confronted with all types of emotion, failure, happiness, melancholy, quest, disappointment, love, these anonymous figures by Thierry Courmes are universal references, discreet witnesses of a complex humanity, contradictory and constantly shifting.

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