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Nancy Eckels

Nancy Eckels' passion for shapes, colors and the beauty that emanates from nature originates from the treasures hidden in National Parks in the United States that the artist has cherished since childhood. Raised by her parents, a photographer and a painter, she received a sensitive education with a particular focus on the visual and developed an artist's identity outside of the traditional path of Arts School. She trained alongside abstract artists such as Katherine Chang Liu, Carole Barnes and Pat Dews and practiced experimental and non-formal art.
Nancy Eckels' creations therefore come to life at the heart of what the artist has deemed her "mental zone", a kind of internal world from which she draws her imagination and uniqueness, necessary for the artistic transformation.
In the midst of this process, it is necessary to go back and forth. The key is to be able to add to the painting and take back, to add layers of colors and then to see them disappear, to scratch, to rub and to harrow into the substance. In this way Nancy Eckels plays with color, its texture and its composition, mixing combinations for the pleasure of rearranging them. Much like tracing paper, shapes are superimposed, hiding or shedding light on one another, posing as surprises in the composition.
"How could a painting be more original than if it comes from the mind of the artist...and reflects something that no one has ever seen before?" she asks pointedly. Therefore, the artist devotes herself to painting emotions and in doing so she shares with us a part of her world and of the world of the artist.