Patricia Ferry

Nature is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for Patricia. It is by questioning and observing the earth in all its forms, especially in the vegetable and mineral, that ideas are born and take shape. With humility, she tries to capture the spirit of the material by carefully observing it.
The sudden departure of a dragonfly, its wings moving, or the slow observation of a rock in its most infinite detail offer many poetic variations. To better represent this universe, she wanders, observing it (notebooks), gathering during her studies (cell biology), and reading (poetry, texts). She also photographs it, fascinated by this ever-changing world, always moving on. She finds in it the faults and strengths of man. All this, she says, is necessary humus for her creativity.
After literary studies and a degree in visual expression in Marseille, she settled in the east of France among the deep forests of the Vosges in a universe where she can better express her creativity. Research remains the guiding thread of her work. She makes her own materials from natural ingredients: clay added to binder such as casein (milk powder), acacia gum, egg yolk, walnut juice, paper collage, or harvested and dried plants. Her objective: to find life in the dead material. "By creating, I feel that they exist, body and soul," says the artist. Painting brings, according to the mood of the moment, opacity or transparency. Surrealist painter Fred Deux and contemporary artist Fabienne Verdier who tend to abstraction, inspire her as well as the environmentalist and humanist, Austrian architect and painter Friedensreich Hundertwasser (1928-2000) who also had a deep love of nature.