Carmen Gimenez Tovar

As a child Carmen showed a taste and a talent for drawing and painting. At school she earned her best marks in Fine Arts. At home she was surrounded by an artistic grandmother and several talented aunts and uncles. Naturally, she chose to study Art at the University of Philosophy and Letters in Zaragoza, while at the same time training in charcoal drawing and sculpture at the School of Fine Arts. This experience would impress on her the unique sensation of shapes, lines and volumes, which she would later apply to flat surfaces (cardboard, canvas and wood).
She completed her studies by taking courses on the use of materials such as stone or tile, and participated for several months in the rehabilitation of a Romanesque chapel on the Way of Saint James, where she was in direct contact with the materials.
For Carmen, painting is a perpetual and difficult journey. She is on a constant quest, always unfinished, primarily focused on light and colour. Relationships between couples and love in general are her favourite themes.
Carmen uses a mixed media of acrylic paint and collage on canvas or cardboard. Her works are full of symbols and figures such as the moon, the night or the sun. The lines intersect and intertwine giving life to an intimate and personal world. She seeks above all to create a language, made of colour, light and lines, which facilitates understanding between people.
Abstraction attracts her more and more, and represents an artistic challenge, both in substance and in form, to find balance and harmony.
Carmen’s work shows a subtle alchemy between strength and emotions. Her line becomes pure to show the essential and leave the viewer free to go further into his own imagination.