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Michel Gruaz

As a teenager in Haute-Savoie, Michel was attracted by the arts. He discovered two important Belgian surrealist painters who had a profound effect on him: René Magritte and Paul Delvaux (twentieth century). He was sensitive to their sense of unreality and unusual creations, and soon realized that painting could be a wonderful escape. At the age of 20 he started art as a hobby and invented an unusual imaginary landscape, populated by his dreams and questions.
After studying biology, he began a career in industry when he was 25, which allowed him to start a family and provide some security. Between teamwork in business and the solitude of his creative workshop, he found a perfect balance.
Michael is a self-taught painter. He appreciates slow drying oil paints, which allow him to immerse himself in the world he paints. This is, according to him, the best medium for landscapes, which are an infinite source of inspiration. The colours are of great importance in his paintings; he creates captivating blue skies by playing with light and shadow. Michel likes opposing civilization to nature, integrating the rational of urban landscapes with the immateriality of geometric structure. He implies the spiritual in reality.
His travels inspire his composition and use of colour. From New York skyscrapers, to Canadian forests, to the cliffs of the Marquesas Islands and the extensive sands of Sinai in Egypt, Michel finds in nature the same pleasure of dreaming as he does in painting.
At the age of 58, he retired from his job in industry and devoted himself entirely to painting. He now has a waterfront gallery workshop in Evian.