Andrea H.

The Swiss artist Andrea H puts painting to the service of others by being involved in health care facilities. Her career, which is vital to her, allows her to stimulate and develop her own creative dynamic. The weekly workshops which she leads for children with disabilities require particular attention from her. The birth of her visual language is the result of a subtle alchemy. In order to not become repetitive to her audience, the art therapist must offer constantly renewed forms of creativity. Her activity also involves a process of simplification of techniques as well as experiments off the beaten track. In this way, painting becomes a giant playground and discoveries often leading to astonishing visual effects: projected material, salvaged objects, associations, collages, etc.
Passionate about innovation, Andrea H is in constant search of harmony and beauty. Her personal work is strongly influenced by the free electrons of painting: Gaston Chaissac (French painter, twentieth century), Frank Stella (American painter, twentieth - twenty-first centuries), Jackson Pollock (American painter, twentieth century), and Adolf Wölfli (Swiss artist, nineteenth-twentieth century) are among his references. Through her art, Andrea H depicts the world around her with subjectivity. She boasts an art of difference. Whether figurative or abstract, her unique works depict dreamlike, colourful and constantly changing universes.