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Karen Hale

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Influenced by her father, who was a commercial artist, Karen quickly developed her artistic sense and love of the arts. For several years professional artist, her reveals, in the big diversity of her work, a natural mastery of different artistic mediums. Over the years she has worked various techniques and art forms (textiles, collage, jewellery, photography, etc.). Her experience allows her to easily use different mediums and play with multiple materials, knowing the reactions and interactions between them.
She can look anywhere around her and see the lines, shapes and textures, then transferring them onto a canvas. Her ability to use the superposition of different layers of colour gives each of her works a bold and exciting result.
Using art basics in terms of colour, construction and textures, she creates vibrant and rich canvases that at times may lack recognizable objective forms or provide a "personal idea" of the landscape.
Karen builds her paintings with layers of colour, either thick or thin, which are washed, "vitrified" or wet (sponge effect); sometimes on highly textured surfaces – the relief supported by a coarse grain – or sometimes on a flat canvas. Drippings may also have a role, interacting on each other, with each other. Karen uses a variety of tools in addition to traditional artists’ brushes, such as "objects" found in the workshop or kitchen. She usually uses acrylic paints, paper, fabric, metal foil, pastels or graphite.
Her works are rich in colour and full of nuances and textures, giving a real sense of depth to the painting’s viewer. Her mixed media creations encourage imaginary travels and random emotions. One must let the power of the brush strokes and the intensity of the incredible mix of colours grab us to explore our own feelings, of what it feels like when we let our emotions speak.