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Cameron Hampton

Capturing the light and grasping its intensity, its variations, and its transparency are the first aims of Cameron Hampton’s work. For 25 years now, the artist has been meticulously studying the effects of the light on the colours that surround us, the volume, the structures, the faces or the materials that make up our visual environment. With a particular fondness of the Netherlands and Amsterdam, with its canals, shifting lights and their reflections in the water, the artist roams, walks, and loses himself in search of the ideal moment where the image is born.
Initially capturing the shapes onto paper, or through the lens of her camera, Cameron Hampton then uses gouache, pastels and water colours, marrying and layering water-based paints, ever more diluted and truer to the light and its subtle nuances. By doing so, she builds and rebuilds a reality based on scrap material and chosen bits, picked, selected, and sorted. Viewing the world as an immense puzzle, the artist creates her paintings by combining shapes, piece by piece and bit by bit in order to form a diverse, well considered, and constructed whole.
Observation, contemplation, both rigorous and patient, forms the basis of this fragile process which aims to capture the evanescent. Each of the chosen pieces reinterpreted by the artist, slotting together, linking up to one another, calling out to one another, all contribute to the end result, a great unique composition, dense yet spread out, bright and whole.