Lee Herring

Lee was born and raised in a port city in northeast England. He was attracted to the arts at an early age. At eighteen, he studied Fine Arts at the University of Chester. During his training, his teachers encouraged him to excel and push himself. In 2008, Lee graduated with honours and returned to his hometown where he began his artistic career. He worked tirelessly in search of his own artistic language, building his canvases and trying many different techniques. But an event in his life took him away from his passion for some time. Back in Chester, he returned to painting and settled in a quiet studio in the countryside. His compositions follow the rhythm of the seasons. He exhibited solo for the first time in 2009.
While his artistic influences have followed the evolution of his style, the artist appreciates artists such as Jackson Pollock (American painter, twentieth century), Gerhard Richter (German painter) and Alexis Harding (English artist).
Lee uses an original mix of oil, varnish and acrylic. He uses a spatula and knife to create substance and give the painting a special energy and depth. The colour is scratched in places, revealing the background through transparency. The artist thickens the foreground of his compositions by overlapping layers of paint and adding plaster and splatters. He attaches great importance to detail and reworks parts of his paintings until he is fully satisfied. Accidental or deliberate, each spot is involved in the overall harmony.
The artist paints from memory landscapes observed during his travels through England. This way of working allows him great freedom. By using a fleeting memory, he can focus on a more abstract and expressive approach to the subject.
Lee does not want to recreate reality, but a feeling, a thought or a sensation. Joyful and spontaneous, these landscapes offer the spectator an explosion of coloured material.

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