Jadis grew up in an environment that was not particularly conducive to artistic creation, but she was naturally creative. Without much conviction, she turned to a profession in business, moving from job to job, without ever really finding her place. By chance, an artist friend invited Jadis to create wood sculptures with her. Her taste for working materials was awakened, and she embraced this new passion wholeheartedly.
With this artistic revelation she became more closely interested in art, studying museums and books and forging her own artistic culture. Meanwhile, she practiced different techniques (painting on wood, acrylic, oil) and tried painting both figuratively and abstractly.

Aware of the need to find her own artistic language, she establishes her own style and then takes on a pseudonym.
Jadis’ creations start with the chance placement of the first coat of paint. She prepares the canvas with different coatings (plaster, paper, collage). Not necessarily taking into account the background she has created, she begins painting with acrylic, using various work methods: making her own colours, moving from brushes to knives and alternating layers of transparent glazes with thick paint.
She creates abstract works by playing with shapes and colours. Constantly in search of balance, the paintings evolve with her work and her mastery of technique. Hers is a painting of great strength, which nevertheless describes gentle and serene emotion.
Quickly recognized and lauded, Jadis’ paintings are listed in Artprice and Drouot. Since 2005, she has offered private lessons in her public studio and gallery.
Self-taught, Jadis sees herself as constantly evolving, always looking for a better balance of form and colour.