Francis Jalibert

Originally from Aude, Francis has always practised drawing and naturally he began painting. Since then, this passion has not left him despite an intense professional career that forced him to put his practice to one side for a time.
He began his learning by applyinghimself with a paintbrush to reproduce the subjects as accurately as possible; and would thus practise the different genres offered by this discipline – landscapes, marines, historical paintings, life scenes etc. Later, his desire to evolve would lead him towards more spontaneity and it was with this experimental approach that he tried his hand at the knife technique. This new tools would allow him to feel the pictorial material and would offer him a range of possibilities in the expression of his art. Adopting a less formal, more instinctive approach than before, the self-taught painter would intensify his technique and develop a research based on the harmony of colours and the composition of the material.
Having now reached the age of retirement, Francis dedicates the most part of his time to producing his works. Set up in Sauveterre de Béarn, in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques, he works almost exclusively from oil paints and produces a series of marines, with strongly coloured tones. The contrasts of colours and materials are achieved through juxtaposition and superimposition of layers of fresh paint. Using “the “smooth laying” technique that allows him to make the material and colour effects expected but equally unexpected, which adds originality to the painting,” Francois composes each of his canvases joyfully, methodically and rigorously.