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Babacar Toure

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Babacar grew up in Senegal, a member of the Bambara ethnic group (from Mali). This tribal life became one of his main sources of inspiration and he quickly developed a passion for graphic design, modelling and construction of any kind. At 20 years old, he decided to isolate himself in the bush to concentrate on what has always interested him: artistic creation. At 28 he arrived in France to live from his art.
Fascinated by architecture and especially walls (painted, tagged, aged by the time), Babacar is inspired by them and associates them. He creates an encounter between normally unrelated worlds, uniting them in his paintings. The walls express the opposing feelings of both imprisonment and protection. This mixture of a variety of constructions creates a harmonious patchwork which erases differences.
Attracted by the culture of ethnic groups in southern Senegal, Babacar painted the Bassaris with their costumes and colourful masks. Moving in 1999 to the banks of the River Saloum in the Serer (south of Dakar), he painted the Niominkas (fishermen). Another ethnic group also marks his works: the Fulani, nomadic herders moving to follow water and vegetation. More recently, the urban atmosphere of Dakar where he was born is recalled in works that express the closeness and bustle of Dakar. Through repetition of small motifs, he shows an Africa that he has seen born and grow. His latest creations are of volumes, statues, totem poles, assembling materials and objects found randomly in life, relying on the mystical dimension in which Africa bathes. A mysticism in which the artist has created himself. Babacar adopts different styles of painting according to the message he wants to convey: figurative painting or filiform characters which evolve in a more abstract setting.
In 2004 the artist opened his own exhibition space to the public. Babacar’s painting reflects the many cultures of his country, and is the means for him to help others discover them.

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