Giorgio Giardina

 Both a scientist and an artist, Giorgio excels in the two domains he has managed to work in parallel for about twenty years. On the one hand a doctor in biochemistry, he works and teaches at the Sapienza University of Rome, on the other, he produces works and orders as a freelance graphic designer. Always interested by the mechanics of beings and things around him, Giorgio strives to observe, study and understand the foundations both of human behaviours and the world in which we evolve.

During the 2000s, driven by his wife, Giorgio began progressing in his artistic practice by starting to produce then present his pictorial works professionally. Today, he shares the most of his time between his scientific research and the production of his canvases.

Although his work is visually abstract, the artist’s approach is permanently linked to a concept, an idea that he seeks to communicate and develop through his painting. Wanting universal understanding, the artist always tries to simplify the initial discourse so that everyone can easily appropriate the work. Depending on the subject that he wishes to tackle, Giorgio resorts to the use of many materials that may be wood, paper, plastic or even rope. He then intervenes with pigments, acrylic paints and oils that he combines to form an ensemble made of homogenous tones and with an original aspect. His colourful, resolutely contemporary canvases are conceived as small sculptures inviting us to question the world around us.