Gina Caramba

Following a good collaboration with Carré d'artistes, this artist is now exploring new perspectives.

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Gina lived a multicultural childhood from which would arise her various influences. She grew up in the Ivory Coast where she developed a relish for folk arts. Of Italian origin on her father’s side, she also developed a fascination with the colourful and baroque atmosphere of churches. A shy child, she found refuge in images, drawing and literature. Like Frida Kahlo (Mexican artist) whom she admires, from an early age Gina found in art a way to live her daily life.

Back in France, she studied art at school and continued with a university degree in Art and Philosophy. After finishing her studies she left to discover the world, armed with her backpack and travel diary. For nearly 10 years she visited different countries (Morocco, Tunisia, Turkey, Sardinia, Vietnam, Cambodia, China, India, Mexico ...) These trips were greatly enriching and enabled her to learn popular techniques. She took the opportunity to gather all sorts of materials including papers that can now be found in her work.

Gina uses a mixed technique combining collage, monotype (a single engraving technique), ink, acrylic and old paper. She explores distant memories to create simple and gentle images. Mixing vegetal and industrial designs, she creates hybrid worlds where the animal overlooks the canvas with its quiet strength. She introduces us to non-existent places where past, present and future meet. Time has stopped, only the animal is present to announce the rest. Gina's approach consists of extracting objects from life and isolating a few motifs, which become the subjects of her painting. Her artistic research has turned to simplicity.

Gina’s workshop is a curiosity shop, a place where she stores and displays collections of objects, tending towards the unusual and heteroclite. She accumulates all the books, journals and papers that come her way. It is from this atmosphere of knowledge and creation that the artist draws her inspiration.