Olga Cairols

Following a good collaboration with Carré d'artistes, this artist is now exploring new perspectives.

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From a very young age, Olga Cairols Cabasés has developed a drawing and painting practice. Having followed several courses in Art, Art History, as well as Fashion Drawing and Textile Design in Barcelona in Spain, she quickly developed a pluralist technique, culture and eclectic references that would make her painting a unique one-off practice.

The artist initially works the base in an abstract fashion mixing and superimposing the textures and materials to achieve effects of volumes and shades, then she affixes a motif, a subject, a figurative intention. Olga Cairols Cabasés’ unique world is populated with hybrid beings that oscillates between the Earth and other planets, the real and other dimensions. Inspired, her spiritual characters seem at the same time far away and yet very close to each of us. An enthusiast of astrology, mythology, history and the environment, the artist has recently been interested in the material wood, its past, its symbolism, its transformation and its recycling.

Thus reincarnating in her paintings her characters into natural beings, she invokes a certain conception of our ancestors and their divine beliefs. Therefore mixing in her compositions dance, music, poetry, magic, a whole complex world that has abandoned its limits and barriers to give free rein to the most ardent and most intimate desires of its creator.