Arias Parera

Almudena grew up in a family of artists in Spain. Her great grandfathers were painters and sculptors, and introduced her at a young age to artistic techniques. This taste of creation never left her and she attended a Ceramics School. At the end of her studies, she studied sculpture with Aurora Cañero (bronze sculptor) whose enthusiasm and passion would forever mark her career. From that moment, Almudena was fully dedicated to creating ceramics by mainly creating female faces and murals. She plays with materials and likes to mix soil with wood.

In 2006, an accident forced her to stop for a while, but her incessant need to create would incite her to explore painting as a new challenge both in terms of medium and colour. Almudena was overwhelmed with new sensations and took a liking to this form of expression. After the volume of sculpture, painting seemed light, agile and immediate: it was a clear choice for her.

Almudena prefers acrylic for its brightness and speed in drying. Her sources of inspiration draw from her personal experiences, which are many. Nature, which surrounds her (mountains, forests, rivers), is particularly important. The exotic atmospheres of her travels (India, Africa) influence her work in purity and strength of textures. Finally, the characters moving in all these environments (eyes, animals, vegetation, cars and all the companions of daily living) infuse her paintings with energy.

Recently, Almudena has tried collage and playing with lines. She likes to create worlds full of dreamy colours. In her works, the artist offers a journey from realism to abstract, from inside to outside. These are feelings, dreams, and memories that come to rest on the canvas in lively and spontaneous strokes.