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Nathalie Roure

"I think of my paintings as windows open to the world. I represent my characters connected to their virtual world or dreamland...moments in which their fragility is uncovered," Nathalie Roure Perrier declares. Originally from Lyon, she began dancing at a young age, as well as lyrical singing and playing the piano. She also learned to paint at the age of 14 with the American artist John Mc Grew.

Her paintings are personal and unique and plunge the viewer into intimate scenes, inviting him/her to take a journey inside themselves.  The human figure is one of her sources of inspiration. Nathalie Roure Perrier paints her loved ones and works on the structure of their faces, searching for resemblances.  The portraits, which the artist deems "contemporary and classic" are both full of light and mystery and unveil their palette of emotions onto the canvas.

Using a crafty mix of oil and acrylic paint, the artist pays attention to the dependency of her models on modern communication in her paintings.  "I strive to translate their moods, emotions that each one of us feels." Solitude, introspection, dreams or silence, joy or anger, each face expresses feelings," she writes.  Always connected, the artist presents them to us as isolated and prisoners of their virtual universe. Her characters are floating and are both present and distant, much like the world that is always escaping them.