Shefali Ranthe

Following a good collaboration with Carré d'artistes, this artist is now exploring new perspectives.

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Shefali Ranthe is a Dubai based International emerging artist. She was born in Bangladesh and adopted to Denmark as an infant, she states that: “To me art is about creating happiness, surprise and thoughts; both in the creative process and when experiencing the results. Art makes me feel alive and I aim at giving the observer an experience of harmony and long lasting joy”.

Being passionate about vivid colours Shefali Ranthe paints semi-abstract naïve compositions, characterised by an imaginary style. Her use of a cocktail ofcolours is the most important part of the expression as an exciting challenge between the canvas, the brush and herself.

Shefali Ranthe is not painting the outer world as she sees it, but how the world looksinside her. In her paintings we meet a universe of naïve-looking creatures from another world. The distortedhuman-and animal creatures are magical and enchanting, pictured in a timeless, unspoiled and spontaneous fashion. She is inspired by children’s impulsive and unconventional way of drawing, not being defined by outer definitionsand expectations of shapes and figures. The paintings pass on positive energy and leave the observer in a good mood, stimulating inspiration and curiosity.

Colours are central to her work. Especially in her current “Joy of Life” series where she plays with strong colours and imaginary shapes and figures to create joy and inspiration for the observer.

Shefali is educated as a graphical designer.

She also holds a Bachelor (how aesthetic can contribute to children’s competence and development) VIA, University College, Aarhus, Denmark.

She worked as a commercial art director for 10 years in Denmark before she dedicated herself as a full-time artist in 2004. She has been on a number of art schools throughout her career.

Shefali Ranthe runs a private art school when time allows it. She is a member of Rotary Club in Dubai and does volunteer work like monthly art teachings for special needed at Mawaheb in Al Bastakia.