Maria Grinyo

Originally from Castellón, the Spanish artist began a pictorial practice in 2008. Self-taught in the field of visual arts, Maria trained in the knowledge and techniques of graphic design, and then worked for many years in the graphic design sector, before choosing in 2015 to devote herself exclusively to her art. Her extensive professional experience allowed her to develop her artistic fibre while asserting her visual acuity, which were also nourished by the daily observation of her father, Daniel Traver Griño (1931-2008), when he picked up his pencils or his brushes.

Using a palette of mainly acrylic and ink, Maria executes an infinite number of curves to sometimes create incredible hair, or sometimes to bring innumerable patterns to life, all embellished with shimmering colours. Paying particular attention to details and textures, the painter, through her mostly female portraits, tries to account for all the ideas that swarm in her subjects’ head, symbolised by a profusion of elements escaping from their heads to form a lush hairstyle. While the mouth, small and mute, is relatively discreet, a single eye always appears wide open to the outside world. True odes to femininity, the muses of Maria testify to a style as recognisable as unmistakeable, combining voluptuousness, grace and sweetness, thus dragging us to the confines of reality. Recognised for her resolutely singular artistic personality, Maria will be awarded, by the cultural association Aljama, the title of honorary president for the year 2018.  

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