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Michel Stavron

After having worked in various professions for two decades, Michel declared himself a professional painter in 2005. Passionate about painting since he can remember, he said “it first clicked at the age of 11, in 1980, seeing the painter Jean-Pierre Mocci (born in 1952) executing a live painting”. This artistic performance, which was then acquired by his parents, marked the beginning of Michel’s infatuation with figurative painting. The same year, he tried himself at oil painting, trying to reproduce the nature that surrounded him as similarly and faithfully as possible.

Michel’s pictorial work invariably feeds on the years of his youth spent in the Provencal countryside, the beauty and diversity of which he loves to celebrate. Armed with his many oils, Michel executes his works using knives and brushes according to the “alla prima” technique which means “in the fresh”, which implies that the work is produced in a single stroke and completed while the material is still wet.

Deeply influenced by the painters of the École Provençale and the School of Barbizon (19th century) who worked from nature and life, Michel composes his paintings according to the light of day. In turn, he tries to immortalise these “ephemeral moments” which have always fascinated landscape painters. The changing character of nature is thus at the heart of his approach; Michel constantly seeks to capture each of the variations to translate all the subtleties in his paintings.

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  • Michel Stavron
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