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  • Artwork's size:
  • Technic:Bronze
  • Style:Sculpture
  • Color:White
  • Also in galleries:Paris Montmartre
  • Sculpture's scale:Small
Visible at the Paris Montmartre gallery


Description of the artwork
The unique and original sculpture Diane is a creation from the artist Diane De Sein Léger.
Diane De Sein Léger

Originally from Lille, Diane is one of those people who has always paid very particular attention to the world that surrounds her. Seeking both to understand its organisation and the way it works, as well as to capture its essence, she has a singular and informed view of all the subjects she studies, both in her scientific work and in the production of her works. Diane followed a path to university that led her to specialise in human anatomy, especially through the study of great apes. At the same time, she founded a theatre group, made acrylic…


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