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Mixed media sculptures

Carré d'artistes presents a fine range of sculptures based on mixed media. Our sculptors are talented contemporary artists who use at least two varied mediums.

What about mixed media sculpture?

If you are a fan of < strong> sculpture may these be original and authentic, figurative, or abstract, you are at the right spot. It is obvious that you will find the rare gem, among our selection provided for this purpose. Design and pleasant surprises shall await you! The combination of materials and the know-how of our artists contribute to the creation of contemporary sculptures which are attractive and intoxicating. Each technique gives sculptors expressive alternatives that they can use at their convenience and which they choose according to their personality.

A brief history of mixed media

According to the facts recognized till date, it was at the beginning of the 20th century that artists tried to mix various materials and supports. This initiative gave a new lease of life to art. Since then, they have managed to revisit the world of painting and ornaments. In painting, one evokes mixed techniques when it comes to colored matter which combines heterogeneous materials or binders (at least two) of different nature. Famous movements of the twentieth century such as the Surrealists and the Dadaists have undergone the imprints of these surprising artworks

The renowned mixed media ornaments

Victor Brauner, famous sculptor , relies on the assembly process to mount his works. Some modelers like Charles Cordier like to combine bronze, ivory, lapis lazuli, marble, onyx, porphyry and enamels. The are many variations which are obtained. In 1851, he was known as the “ethnographic sculptor of the natural museum of Paris. One of the most famous mixed media sculptures is “The old fisherman” known as “Dying Seneca” with a height of 183 cm, exhibited at the Louvre Museum. It is made from alabaster and black marble.

When the mixed technique joins sculpture, the rendering is quite exceptional!

Ancient art uses the expression "mixed technique”to designate a works with a duet or several materials. These take shape due to specific skills. The mixture of materials and skills set up composite, unique and original works.

The choice of materials

The are various choice of materials. They vary according to the needs and expectations of the artist. Indeed, these are chosen depending on the artistic approach. It should be noted that the materials exceptionally change from one work to another. While some prefer bronze in all its forms (patinated, gilded and ivory), others lean on polychrome plaster and marble.

The exceptional sculptors at Carré d'artistes

At Carré d'artistes, check out the mixed technique sculptures, made by contemporary artists such as Sebastien Chartier. His technique is essentially based on clay, but he does not rule out any material. His favorite subjects are man and animal… two species that live in harmony on the same land… Daniel Castan, a renowned artist, created a 40 cm bronze work from tubes of paint. These various contemporary sculpture artists must also think about the conservation of their works. Therefore, they need to choose each component wisely, which may require special attention.


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