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Photo or painting?

- 22/06/2022

Realistic paintings that invite us to (re)see the beauty of the world! 

With its abstract experiments, its subversive installations and passion for performance, the 20th century disrupted realist painting… to such an extent that one believed in its disappearance. It would have been a shame! As it is easy to see today: figurative painting has a bright future ahead. Sought-after by young artists not to mention reputed names, its constantly enriched practice testifies the desire to look the world in the eye. To observe its beauty, right down to the smallest detail, to highlight its grace... To go with the flow and get bewitched by the harmony of everyday life.

The artists of this summer collection are fond of landscapes, painting the variations of light to render their intimate sensitivity. They also like still life, these perfectly ordered arrangements of objects and fruits which have a lot to tell about our decor, our environment. Some dwell on snippets of modern architecture, bodies dancing and jumping in space, intoxicating street scenes, or even the simple vision of a father walking with his child.

This collection of realistic paintings is therefore a testimony of everyday life. It yearns to capture its flavor, and highlight the artists who absorb the latter... To show the beauty of life, in a simple manner.

When art combines with a realistic render

Among the artists in this unique collection, Sergi Castignani is brilliant with portraits of illustrious strangers. Captured in the middle of a swim, a young "mermaid" crosses the space of the painting like a swimming pool, moving through its fragility. He is also a painter of still life, the artist knows how to trigger dialogue through his brushes, between a blue glass bottle and a yellow apple, a magical combination of two simple shapes.

Katie Lokotska has a knack at making us travel to Philadelphia with her wonderfully composed urban scenes. We can't resist to take a little sea trip with Julie Argall as well. The latter plays with amazing viewpoints and takes a risk with gaze, renews framing, with a boldness that is a pleasure! 

Lovers of calm landscapes, turn to the work of Yves Ogier, a brilliant painter of immense landscapes, where the soul is lost in the distant blues of eternal mountains... Unless you prefer to take a trip to the city, surrounded with the scenes of streets that are vividly immortalized by Karl Bronk? You have a major choice!


The art history review: an unrecognized artist of hyper-realism

If realistic painting almost disappeared in the meanders of abstraction, hyperrealism emerged in the 20th and 21st centuries, as an exciting current in the history of contemporary art. As they were bold enough to mirror the cruel aspect of a capitalist society in a faithful manner. Artists like Ron Mueck, John De Andrea or Duane Hanson created works that were fascinatingly truthful, disconcerting, and political. But another artist, who is more discreet and infinitely more delicate, has made hyperrealism the best excuse to highlight the grace of the world: Vija Celmins represents the small waves on the sea, the starry skies and spider webs in drawings through absolute dexterity… This re-connects us with nature and does us good. 

Unique art for...

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