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Two is better

- 04/02/2022

A collection of contemporary art that celebrates couple and duality

Valentine's Day makes us want to celebrate duality, this year. Not only the couple, but duos too, the beautiful friendships that last, the crazy love stories, the atypical tandems...All these moments that we share together, regardless of the context, have inspired us to create a collection leaning on the chemistry between beings.

Even though the pandemic has undermined our important and vibrant co-existence, Carré d'artistes wants to hear hearts quiver in unison once again. Which discipline can better support this desire to share, other than art? Let's never forget: painting enthralls the senses and the heart!
This is why we have brought together painting artists who are enlivened by tenderness, whose work is part of a celebration of love, friendship, sensuality.To be discovered from February 3 to 16 in our galleries and on our website.

Long live art, long live love, long live friendship! 


Our contemporary artists portray duality

For this collection of paintings leaning on complementarity, we have carefully selected artists who are committed to celebrating the communication between bodies and souls. 

Among them, the painter Martine Chaperon inscribes flexible black lines on abstract and colored backgrounds, depicting languid bodies, leaning against each other. These duos, sketched like fleeting moments of affection, are faceless silhouettes and everyone has free rein to imagine what they want.
Originally from the United Kingdom, the painter Zani is also a great fan of refined colored backgrounds, covered with black outlines that bring together naked bodies, either side by side or intertwined...
A major change of atmosphere with Fauve, where faces come together in a jazzed-up atmosphere along with autumnal hues! Paintings that bewitch life, not to mention, music and the sensuality of red lips.
Nicole Garilli, soaks up the festive atmospheres to paint compositions, that are filled with life, pace and love!
As for Christian Raffin, his paintings are a lot like abstraction and highlights urban figures on his canvas, pedaling side by side cheerfully on bicycles. 

The art of history: and the most beautiful duo in the world is … 

While the history of art brings together thousands of representations of couples and duos – from The Kiss by Rodin and the one of Klimt, including the one that Robert Doisneau immortalized in front of the Hôtel de Ville –, one of the most intense ones is undoubtedly the one created by Constantin Brancuși in 1907: the sculptor used only one block of stone to represent two intertwined people, embracing each other. Could the symbol be any smarter – and more beautiful? 

Unique art for...

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