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Factors to consider when buying a sculpture by price

Whether it's contemporary sculpture in raku, modern bronze sculptures, or resin sculptures, you'll definitely find the sculpture of your dreams at Carré d'artistes... Each collection is an opportunity to discover an irresistible creation.

When considering the purchase of a sculpture, one of the main aspects to take into account is the price. Indeed, the price of a sculpture can vary considerably depending on various factors. To make an informed decision, it is essential to understand the factors to consider when buying a sculpture based on price.


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sculpture by price

The influence of materials on the price of a sculpture

Materials play a key role in determining the price of a sculpture. Indeed, the choice of materials can have a significant impact on the artistic value and demand for a work. Certain rare and precious materials, such as Carrara marble or bronze, are often associated with high-quality, high-value sculptures. These materials can be more expensive due to their rarity and the complexity of handling them.

On the other hand, more commonly used materials such as terracotta or wood can offer more affordable options. When purchasing a sculpture, it's important to take into account the materials used and understand how they influence the price and artistic value of the work.


The size and complexity of the sculpture

The size and complexity of the sculpture are two elements that have a significant impact on its price. Firstly, the size of a sculpture can influence its value, as a larger sculpture may require more materials and time to create. Large sculptures can also be more rare and sought after, which can increase their value in the art market.


On the other hand, the complexity of a sculpture's design can also influence its price. Sculptures that feature complex details, bold shapes, or advanced artistic techniques may require more meticulous and specialized work from the artist, which can result in an additional cost.


Moreover, creating large or complex sculptures can involve additional costs related to materials, workspace, and manufacturing techniques. When assessing the price of a sculpture, it's important to consider both the size and complexity of the design to understand the cost factors associated with its creation.


Sculptures that speak to the soul

To say that some people still think that contemporary sculptures don't have souls... For these fervent defenders of ancient art, the last masterpieces of humanity reside in forgotten basements and the tombs of Pharaohs.

This collection of sculptures by price proves them wrong.


Decidedly contemporary, each sculpture radiates a distinct energy. Each time, it's an invitation to explore the inner world of the artist who designed it.


Even if the viewer is not particularly open to art, they can't help but ask themselves. "What are the thoughts dwelling in the faceless puppet of the Be Cool BBL work?", "why does the Bonus dog carry a shield in the colors of Captain America?", "am I the only person to see a face on Vudrag Nikola's Untitled Diamond?", ... In the face of these contemporary sculptures, it is impossible to remain impassive.


The fact that they are carved from modern materials in no way hinders their ability to convey emotions. It's even the opposite... Through their humanoid curves, they manage to convey feelings so strong that they are almost palpable.


In this selection of sculptures by price, it's easy to glimpse fragments of the human soul. In each contemporary sculpture, there is a worldview unique to an individual.

At the moment he was designing his creation, the sculptor strove to instill the breath of life into it.


Sculptures that Take on a Thousand and One Faces

The great thing about contemporary sculptures is that they can take on a thousand and one faces.

Unlike classical creations, they are not afraid to step off the beaten path.

For example, it's possible to find a sculpture shaped like a can of spray paint.

On this everyday object, capturing snapshots or scenes of life becomes extremely easy. When it's not stolen moments, artists can also engrave popular culture figures such as Snoopy.


The fact that the listing is labeled "sculptures by price" does not mean that the catalog is homogeneous. It's even the opposite. Despite the similar pricing, each sculpture is unique. Even better... Each piece of art brings its share of novelty.

A contemporary sculpture is a work of art that one takes pleasure in discovering and rediscovering. Just when you think you know it, it always finds a way to surprise you.


As versatile as a chameleon, a contemporary sculpture is designed to reflect the personality of its creator. Subsequently, it will embark on another path to find the one who will become its twin flame. Through the Square of Artists, contemporary sculptures finally have the opportunity to find their soulmates.

Only one question remains: are you the human complement of a contemporary sculpture? Take the time to explore the gallery to answer this question.



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