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Sculpture Napoléon by Likeca | Sculpture

Description artwork

This unique and original contemporary artwork "Napoléon" has been created by the contemporary artist Likeca.
The artist used mixed medium to create this special, Medium size sculpture.
  • - Format : Medium
  • - Exhibited in Gallery : Rueil Malmaison
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Likeca France
Who's behind the paint mask and the pseudonym "Likeca"? To tell the truth, you won't know, and perhaps that's for the best. This part of the mystery is part of the art. Likeca is first and foremost a street artist working in the shadows. His credo is to hijack road signs. He gives to the street and expects nothing in return. Yes, he does expect one simple thing: a smile on the face of a passer-by. It's the best reward of all!
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