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Self-taught, Séverine Moreira well and truly fell in love with art when she encountered the works by the Austrian symbolist Gustav Klimt. Little by little, she then developed an interest in other great artists such as Toulouse-Lautrec, Edward Hopper or Modigliani. Diversifying her references and thus her horizons, the artist reinforced her desire to draw and create.

Passionate about human emotions and the psyche, Séverine Moreira then became interested in faces and their expressions. “This partiality can undoubtedly be explained by the emotions we can guess from a look, a smile, a fleeting expression and emotions that came and affected “something” in me,” she recounts. Taking inspiration from photographs, images from varied sources, films and her own experiences and encounters, she therefore developed a practice of portraits, attempting to re-transcribe the inner world of everyone as faithfully as possible.

In her approach, the artist privileges a mixed technique, advancing with successive layers of colours. There, the instruments and processes add up: first, colouring pencil, dry pastels and pigments, then oil pastels… For the details, the eyes, the eyelashes, the contours of the mouth, Séverine Moreira uses Indian ink. Covering the whole thing in varnish that reflects and splinters the light creates a fluid finish with infinite limits.