Figurative Artwork  - Whisper - Eva Petkova - Oil View larger
  • Artwork's size : 14x14" / 36x36 cm
  • Technic : Oil
  • Style : Figurative
  • Color : Beige

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The artist's word

"My family, love and the unique moments of communication with my child. Fascination with the moments of communication and experiences shared with the people whom I tell ‘I love you’. The pleasure of contemplating my child while he is playing in sea water. The sea is a component which is both an attraction centre and a delicate character in my pictures."

Eva Petkova

Evelina Petkova is an unconditional lover of reality. Catching and recreating it forms the essence of her work. Using beings and the places surrounding them for inspiration, she transforms lovers, friends, and parents into timeless characters, peopling the mythology of the artist, its welcoming lands and large spaces. Between realism and symbolism, Evelina Petkova’s acrylic tableaus, created on Buckram with brush and knife, and stone sculptures take us to our most naked state, to nature filled with raw emotion, to our most stripped condition. T…


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