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Terra incognita View larger
Frank Conte
Terra incognita
  • Artwork's size:7x7" / 19x19 cm
  • Technic:Spray-paint
  • Style:Street art
  • Color:Multicolored
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Description of the artwork
The original and unique artwork TERRA INCOGNITA is a creation from the artist Franck Conte
The artist's word

I'm seeking a pictorial impact in the style of a label, with the concern to [give birth to] a dynamic composition, both expressionist and abstract.

Frank Conte

The trigger for Franck was his encounter with the work and life of the American painter Jackson Pollock, master of abstract expressionism. Just a teenager, he decided to become a painter in his own right. Composed of acrylic, watercolour and spray paint combined with various mixed techniques, the pictorial production of Franck is rich in both images and writings. His research is strongly encouraged by the work of the pioneers of Action painting, and in particular the Franz Kline’s work with natural calligraphy, from which he is inspired to ques…


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