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  • Artwork's size : 5x5" / 13x13 cm
  • Technic : Mixed
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Description of the artwork
The original and unique artwork Zu dritt beieinander is a creation by the artist Elke Pollack, who designs charcoal, acrylic and pencil paintings, a mix of materials to represent singular people.
The artist's word

"In my pictures I show the urban and social life of the poeple. I show it in their private spaces and I show it in their urban enviroment. Getting around the city, always in the road to himself, and in his life, in the sense as Albert Camus also said: we must imagine Sisyphos as a happy people."

Elke Pollack

Elke grew up in Stalinstadt (Germany) in a family of musicians. From an early age she was passionate about the violin. She studied at the Dresden Conservatory and was a member of the Philharmonic Orchestra of the Rostock National Theatre for 6 years. But she continued to seek for meaning in her life and a way of expressing her emotions. She studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Berlin and found what she was looking for in art. Although she traded her violin for brushes, she did not however lose touch with music. She moved to Berlin and became…


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