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For pet lovers

We took a look at artists who are passionate about animal representations, who know better than anyone how to depict the wild tenderness of our feathered or four-legged companions !
(89 Artworks)

89 Artworks

gift for an animal lover


Are you looking for an animal lover's gift ? But you don't want to look for just any animal lover's gift that is commonly found in a supermarket.

Your wish is to find a unique and original piece of art. Know that this gift around animals can be for a loved one or for yourself. Carré d'artistes is the perfect address for you !


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The art market has always been a very elitist market, reserved for artists and the fortunate. Carré d'artistes works to change the art market image. The concept is simple : an art gallery should be accessible to all. That's how Stéphanie Tosi, a fan of artistic creation, founded the first Carré d'artistes gallery in 2001.


Since its creation, a network of more than 30 galleries has been created in Europe and around the world. Whether you are looking for a gift related to animals or any other theme, you will be sure to find works that correspond to you. Carré d'artistes offers you a vast artistic palette with more than 600 exhibited artists.


The artworks exhibited are carefully selected by our art curators. Each work of art must be original and have an assertive style. Contemporary painters, sculptors and illustrators from France and elsewhere provide a wide range of works in all styles for all tastes. Your search for a gift for an animal fan will not be in vain on Carré d'artistes.


You will surely find your favorite work and can even start a unique collection. You will be able to meet the artists thanks to the exhibitions and the vernissages that we organize regularly. It is also possible to offer a work of art, a gift for animal lovers.


Don't hesitate, contact our online gallery or visit one of our contemporary art galleries Carré d'artistes. Our online gallery has over 15,000 works available for sale. We also play the card of transparency by presenting the portraits of each artist and by regularly publishing blogs that explain the art world.


What to expect in our contemporary art galleries?


Whether you are a novice or an art lover, you will surely find your gift for animal lovers in our contemporary art galleries. The meticulous selection that we make of the works of painters, sculptors and illustrators that are proposed to us guarantees the quality of our works. You will have the possibility to make original choices, of quality and at fixed prices. You can choose among :

Works of painting


The themes of our artists are very varied: animals, portraits, still life, nudeslife scenes, landscapes, urban views, marine views, pop icons, black and white art and also minimalist painting. The paintings you can access come in all styles: figurative painting, abstract painting, singular art, pop art and street art.

You can also choose between different artistic techniques such as watercolor, oil, acrylic, graffiti or mixed media. The works can be presented in small or large format. All budgets and tastes will be satisfied.


The works of sculpture

The wide range of contemporary art sculptures will also allow you to choose the best animal-related gift thanks to the wide choice of themes, techniques and styles.


The works of illustration

You will certainly find your gift for the animal lover among the various themes present : animals, faces, symbolism and surrealism. The works of illustration use painting to which are sometimes associated the sewing or the collage. This mixed technique gives the work a unique artistic rendering that sometimes takes on a childlike style.



Buying a work of art Carré d'artistes is the guarantee to find the best gift for animal lovers for different reasons:

- Our art curators keep abreast of contemporary art trends on a daily basis.

- They carefully select original and unique works, the result of passionate work and multiple inspirations.

- The selected works are very varied and diversified.

- The works available are suitable for all tastes and budgets.

- We open the art market to the general public by allowing everyone to access a work of art from 95 €.

- You will get a gift around animals, which provides an original touch to your home or makes your loved one happy.

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