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Bjerker | Zeitgenössischer Künstler

  • Bjerker | Zeitgenössischer Künstler
  • Dänemark
Ein Zitat von Albert Einstein, das mich zum Lächeln bringt: "Die Logik bringt dich von Punkt A nach Punkt B, die Phantasie bringt dich überall hin."
Vibeke Lerfeldt Bjerker was born in Denmark in 1976. The niece of the famous naturalist painter Hans Henrik Lerfeldt, she quickly developed her artistic sensibility. Vibeke spent hours exploring the secrets of her artist uncle’s paintings. This gave life to her own creativity. She became a graphic artist and worked in marketing for fifteen years. However, she never forgot her painting, her first love, and eventually devoted herself entirely to it under the abbreviated artist’s name Bjerker. Strangely, the artist did not aspire to figurative art which had so captivated her in the past and leaned towards abstraction. Indeed, she has always enjoyed the freedom of interpretation that abstract works allow for. She sees them as songs that can be interpreted depending on our moods. Inspired by the every day life, its colours and patterns, Bjerker makes painting the window on her responses to global or personal situations. Painting is an unequalled way for her to escape.
She paints spontaneously, letting colour guide the shape and movement. She then superimposes layers to develop material effects and relief. These are the effects which she says "define the indefinable" and bring to the work a sense that everyone asks of it. The more the artist advances in her work, the more joy takes precedence over all other feelings. She lets black lines and spots freely intermingle with bright colours. Each of her paintings is therefore somehow a map of volatile and transient moods. The originality of her style resides in its both raw and feminine nature. The unstable and restless strokes release her emotions. Vibeke is using all kind of tools that she finds useful to apply acrylics and materialize her creative impulses. The artist believes that imagination knows no limit.
  • 2015
    Exhibition at the Scandic Star
    Sollentuna, Schweden
  • 2013
    Worked on the Envision ad campaign
    Envision Energy, Dänemark
  • 2010
    Permanent exhibition for the
    Roskilde, Dänemark
  • 1976
    Randers, Dänemark
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