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Carré d'artistes is launching a capsule collection of small sculptures and daily life objects, customized by artists. As always, all the artworks are unique, handmade, and selected for their technical excellence!

The artists were called upon for this occasion and took on various media, such as skateboards, pairs of sneakers and aerosol cans, and covered them with patterns painted in acrylic, spray paint or posca. Their names are Kikayou, Graffmatt, Franck Lamboley, not to mention, Nathalie Molla, they all have very different realms and styles, and draw on popular culture as much as their creative inspirations... To provide standardized bear bricks or Koons dogs with an atypical and unique touch.

This capsule collection is also an opportunity to highlight the importance and uniqueness of sculpture and art objects in its collections of artworks. The paintings express a fascinating relationship with light and colors, the three-dimensional artworks add on a reflection on volume and space, which can make your indoors original and contemporary.


(37 Kunstwerke)

37 Kunstwerke



Unique art for...

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